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Realizing your dreams

From conversation to construction, we’ll help create the home of your dreams. Whether you’re planning on a new residence, a second home or an investment property for resale, Ellery T is the construction company that takes care of your needs from A to Z.



New Commercial Facilities

ElleryT has worked with Restaurants, Salons, Architectural /Engineering Facilities, Interior Design Firms, Dental and Light Medical, Professional Office, Dry Cleaning/Laundry, and Retailers, to name a few. Whatever the focus of your business, we build to your needs in a professional and timely manner. We realize the importance of timeliness in achieving your needs while maintaining the highest possible quality.

New Homes

Design the home of your dreams and let us assist you in bringing your dreams to reality.

We are passionate about the process of custom home building. We enjoy working with people in expressing these styles/ideas that will become a part of them and home details however small or large will be seen everyday by the owners themselves, by family and guests alike. All the while, we want to be proud to say, “We built it!”

Remodeling & Additions

Remodeling and additions can produce an interesting set of challenges that go beyond starting a building from scratch. It takes a certain determined mindset to go head on with these types of projects. We have a long list of successful remodel and addition projects. We work closely with you to determine what is possible and the best approaches for your remodeling needs.

Setting Project Expectations

Financial draw systems are set for each project and we expect funds to be paid in a timely manner based on contract documents. An initial deposit is required to commence the project, followed by “draws” based on percentage of completion and ordered/stored materials. These draws along the course of the project are paid in arrears as a percentage of completion and/or materials. If there is a financial institution involved with the financing of any given project, we will co-ordinate with the entity directly for any necessary documentation (commonly AIA forms) and accommodate third party or bank inspectors prior to draw releases.


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