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ElleryT ‣‣ Construction Services

From the ground up

We take pride in our team and the relationships it takes to build a quality structure.

We aim to build not simply commercial structures, but our clients’ businesses; not just houses, but our customers’ homes -- in which many memories will be shared and enjoyed. In just one example of many, we have been an instrumental part of a successful tanning salon franchise since 2002. Our involvement has been from concept and design, to implementation and construction of what the stores have become today.


Comprehensive Services

Architectural Design

Many factors to determine the logical design for any given parcel of land -- geography, natural elements, surrounding structures.

We are accustomed to assembling the best team of professionals to make your project a success. We have established relationships with architects and engineers, whom we select based on the scope of your specific project needs. Acquired experience with governing municipalities has also proven to be a part of our success.

Turn-Key Build

We always strive to find the most efficient ways to build for your needs. We are in a constant search for new information, whether it is from building conventions, continuing education or additional certifications/licenses. The building industry is forever changing and it takes this certain quest for knowledge to be at the forefront. Our main goal is to provide the utmost performance for our clients. We have the experience and best possible resources it takes to deliver your successful turn key project.

Construction Management

We have the ability to provide construction management services for your commercial or residential needs. Management of a construction project comes down to experience and organization to facilitate not only timeliness, but also cost effectiveness and budget. We have what it takes to achieve a quality project that is completed on time and on budget.


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South Beach Tanning

New Commercial Build

Licensed & Certified Building Contractor

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