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Professional project management

Our repeat clients have come to expect from us the utmost quality professional service. Our future clients can expect the same professionalism and quality. We understand that our clients’ time is their money and that deadlines are critical.


Project Management

Keeping Your Project on Track

Project Scheduling starts with organization of the project flow chart of events or “Critical Path”, which includes materials, products to be used and the construction labor.

The lead times of each material and the man-hours involved with each step of the process are calculated into this “Flow Chart”. We call this layering and in this we calculate interdependent relationships of tasks involved to complete your project.

We will also add in contingency time into the project timeline. This contingency of time will allow time for things such as unforeseen task delays or lead times, inspections days, weather and other inevitable unforeseen delays. After these steps, the project is mapped onto  a calendar of days to pass on to the client and all involved parties. After all parties agree with the time frames, we implement the plan and bring it into action.

Maintaining quality

First and foremost, we protect out clients interest in their property and liabilities.

We maintain all required licenses and insurance coverage. We confirm that each involved sub-contractor party also has up-to-date licenses and adequate insurance coverage. Monetary draws are never released to sub-contractors until we have received the appropriate release from any of their material suppliers. If there is ever a third party (sub-contractor of a sub-contractor) involved on any project, it is required by our contract provisions that they inform us of their work intent and all credentials (insurances, licenses, etc.) must be verified.

We will also not except or allow any sub-quality work on our projects. Our clients can always expect the most forthright communication, due diligence and excellence when hiring our construction firm.


From construction to operation

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